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Making Time for What Matters

We often tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time. Enough time to get things done. To be with our friends. To pick up a new project. Wissam, known as wissou in the OnePlus Community, thinks differently.

Born in France to Algerian parents and raised in Paris, Wissam has seen his fair share of the world before deciding to settle in New York, a city he’s been calling home for the past eight years.

A geneticist by training, Wissam now works in a science and business development in a clinical diagnostic company. When asked how he describes his job, he aptly compares it to OnePlus’ Never Settle motto: “I am in a constant search for discoveries new assays to help diagnose cancer. And by never settling for three years, my team and I finally finished creating a genetic assay that will allow us to diagnose patients with Leukemias in a faster and cheaper manner. This assay is now used across the world to help physicians diagnose patients earlier and give them a better chance of survival. This is just one of my many examples of why you should Never Settle.”

Mods meet up at OnePlus HQ.

Wissam first crossed paths with OnePlus way back in 2014, while reading an Engadget article on the original Flagship Killer, the OnePlus One. “I was gob smacked by the specs and the price, so I decided to hunt for an invite. I spent weeks trying to find one until I got one through the Community. I then spent an additional month asking my network whether someone I knew someone who would send me a bamboo back case invite (even more difficult to get than the phone invite), but I finally got it!”. Stories like this weren’t uncommon in the Community’s early days, but different people had different reasons to join. “I thought it was cool to find likeminded people and be part of a techy family.”, Wissam told me.

Still, not many Community members share the same level of connection to the OnePlus family. In March 2018, Wissam joined OnePlus’ Closed Beta Testing program, CBT for short. He went on onto providing a glimpse into the Fight Club nature of this exclusive group: CBT members always have secret meet-ups at launch events and even have inside jokes and memes about Manu and Abdul [the OnePlus staff running CBT].”

A month later, Wissam was invited to the OxygenOS Open Ears Forum in San Francisco, finding out that one of the participants, keithnyc (a Community moderator and fellow CBT tester) lived only 20 blocks from him in the Big Apple and the two just clicked. “[We] started hanging out more and more offline and we became really good friends. I went to pick him up from the hospital when he had surgery, he brought me soup when my wife was sick. Who knew that open ears can bring people together!”

Out of this friendship, an idea was formed: to have OnePlus Fans be the actual ambassadors of the brand and represent the OnePlus Community during launches and events. “We pitched the idea to Kyle [Head of North America region], and after a call for applicants, OnePlus flew 23 OnePlus users / Brand ambassadors from all around the US to NYC for the 6T launch! it’s crazy how a simple idea can emerge and have an amazing outcome.”

Between his real-life work, personal life, the CBT and the Brand Ambassadors program, a question started to form in the back of my head: How does he have time for everything? His answer speaks for itself: “Being a Closed Beta tester, Brand Ambassador, a director, husband, friend, brother, son; takes a lot. I thrive on making everything in my life as efficient as possible. Organizing, trimming down, and prioritizing is key.”

“Being a Closed Beta tester, Brand Ambassador, a director, husband, friend, brother, son; takes a lot. I thrive on making everything in my life as efficient as possible. Organizing, trimming down, and prioritizing is key.” – Wissam

Most people say: “I don’t have time,” but that is not factual, what they really mean is I don’t want to make time. We all have the same 24 hours, it’s all about wasting as little as possible. One thing that I don’t have is a Facebook or Twitter account, I took back a lot of my time deleting my accounts. I make time for the things that bring me joy and the people that I care. Dropping OnePlus activities would be an easy way out, but I am having soooooooo much fun testing new builds (I was in the Top 3 bug reporters for the 6T) and working alongside Kyle, James, Manu, Kameron, Ruby, and David makes me happy, I learn a lot, I give a lot, but OP has always been very respectful and thankful for my time commitment. To sum up: I love tech, I love the OP ethos, and because it brings me joy, I will make time for it.”


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