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The Lab – More than just a contest

The Lab has now become a tradition of sorts and possibly the most well-known Community campaign. With each launch event, a new line-up of first-class reviewers voice the impressions of the average user, each with a different story to tell.

Back in 2016, when the OnePlus 3 was about to be released, OnePlus announced The Lab – a peer review program where 30 of the best and brightest Community members were invited to put the soon to-be released smartphone through the ropes. Since then, several hundreds of thousands have tried their luck, but only around a hundred joined The Lab ranks.

While a free device is enticing enough, most participants end up cherishing other things more. “Besides the obvious good thing about participating in one of these things, keeping a device for “free” (not like reviewing it is a hassle, it was quite fun to discover new things like a kid), I appreciate the fact that I noticed more and more people were coming to ask me, either in private, or in my review or around the forum, about things that they cared about, seeing people enjoy the small piece, placed by each one of us reviewers, makes me enjoy the idea of OnePlus doing these things with, or for, the community.”, said Dunnow, a OnePlus 6 reviewer.

Maarten_Lisboa reviewed the OnePlus 6T in the Lab

For Maarten_Lisboa, who joined for the OnePlus 6T Lab edition, what matters the most is the community and the honesty behind the reviews: “This is the best thing about the community, it’s all about people with the same passion. They love the product and they Never Settle; they appreciate your honesty and give you all the room to write your personal opinion, which I did.

No phone is perfect and every new product will have its good and bad sides. But in the end, it’s nice to see that this community concept is working and still is a very important part of a company that is growing very fast.” Maarten also mentioned the friends he made thanks to The Lab, and he’s not alone. Alvie, a OnePlus 5T reviewer shared, the same thoughts: “Following the completion of our reviews the group chat remained active for a really long time. In fact, the chat still exists to this day, although it’s not used as much as it once was. I follow a few of my fellow reviewers on social media and it’s super awesome to see what adventures they go on and the pictures they take.

And with The Lab, new generations of potential reviewers are born. Shivang Joshi, another OnePlus 6T Lab Reviewer was straightforward: “I’ve enjoyed my time being a LAB Participant and would definitely love to do it again, if I’m allowed to do so. And even if I don’t get to be a LAB Participant again, you’ll find me reviewing or writing articles here or somewhere else. I can’t stop doing this now.”

Shivang Joshi reviewed the OnePlus 6T in the Lab

The Lab’s ultimate goal was always about having the real people review the device. No gimmicks, no paid media, just your fellow community members honestly reporting their experiences. The Lab is back for an all-new OnePlus flagship. Be among the first to go hands-on with the future of OnePlus and apply now. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one reacting like matthu.2711 did, when he found out he was selected for the 7 Pro review squad:

“There, on my display was a Gmail notification, with the heading: “Congratulations! Welcome to The Lab OnePlus 7 Pro review squad!” No joke, I jumped for joy and literally screamed the house down! I was not expecting this, to be honest I had forgotten all about the contest. My parents came up to see what the commotion was, and I told them the good news! To them, it meant nothing, but to me, it was a huge step deeper into this large community that I have been a part of for years now.”


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