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Addition Magazine Issue 2 – Preview

Addition Magazine issue 1 launched alongside the OnePlus 7T Series in late 2019, making an immediate impression. What started as a gift to attendees of our launch event, soon evolved into a prized object many thousands of OnePlus fans wanted to add to their collection. Your excitement inspired us to take the Addition Magazine project one step further, with a second issue. A few months and a product launch later, we’re finally ready to share a brand-new Addition Magazine with all of you.

The camera has come to define how we perceive the world around us, and how we share the things we see with others. From the most gifted of photographers to all-action reporters, it has become unthinkable to imagine a world without the camera. In this issue of Addition, we’re diving deep into the world of the smartphone camera. Mobile journalist-extraordinaire Yusuf Omar takes us on a journey from the coast of South Africa to the heart of Aleppo, Syria. Yusuf breaks the mold of the traditional journalist with his innovative views on reporting. A mobile journalist knows that the best stories are the ones we capture in the moment, something that’s a lot easier with the camera in your pocket than a camera crew.

Zaira Zarotti has prepared a freaky table, and you’re invited. With her mastery of light and shadow, Zaira plays with your expectation of what a photo can be. Her still lives are as painterly as any you’ll find, and her personal journey as an upcoming artist in some of Europe’s most glamorous locales makes for a truly inspiring read. Challenge your idea of what your smartphone camera is capable of in her photo series, which pushes limits we didn’t even know existed before they were broken.

Giacomo Mantovani is a flagbearer for a pioneering new movement in storytelling; mobile filmmaking. As the cameras in our pockets gain in versatility and detail, so too does our ability to tell stories. Bradon Harwood talks to Giacomo about his work on his award-nominated indie films. We were surprised to learn that in the right hands, a mobile phone doesn’t have to be a handicap at all. Giacomo shares ingenuous tips and tricks, which helped him shoot movies in a way that would never have been possible with a traditional camera.

These are just a few of the exciting new stories coming your way in Addition Issue 2. We are incredibly thankful for your support in the production of this second management, and are confident you’ll love the stories found on its pages. There’s no shortage of creativity and inspiration waiting for you there, and that’s exactly the point. Your journey with Addition Magazine doesn’t end when you turn the final page; that’s just the beginning. Allow yourself to be inspired, go out there, and show us what you can do with your smartphone. The world is waiting. Never Settle.

Thank you.


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