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Launched together with our Community

Being part of the OnePlus Community is about more than owning a flagship smartphone, it’s about joining a shared mission and belief that things can and should be done better. Nowhere is the passion, commitment and heart of the OnePlus Community more visible than at a launch event. Soon, we will welcome you to the launch of an all-new OnePlus flagship. Read on for a taste of the action.

The night before a launch event, the crew usually agrees to be at the venue at the crack of dawn to prepare. But, no matter how early we arrive, our community always beats us to the punch. Whether it’s someone who travelled to London from Finland and joined the queue at 3 AM the night before, or someone who hopped aboard a flight from Texas to New York to be the first to see the OnePlus 7 Pro, our Community’s show of passion begins long before the start of the event.

As more and more attendees join the queue, some with picnic blankets and tents, others with nothing but their heart and their phone, you can feel the excitement travelling through the crowds like a current. Thermoses full of coffee are passed around the queue, selfies are taken and shared, and new friendships are forged in the fires of the queue. (A fair share of romantic trysts found their origin at a OnePlus launch event, but we won’t name names here.)

At the same time, whether it’s Pete, Carl, or Ryan, the day’s speakers are frantically trying to remember the last of their lines behind-closed-doors and the crew, while the crew hides a goody bag or two under a chair. As a OnePlus Launch Event typically kicks off in the early morning, you’d expect to see some tired faces among the crowd and crew. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When the doors are finally opened, seats are filled, and tech-celebrities like Unbox Therapy and MKBHD jot down the day’s first autographs, the lights grow dim. Anticipation and silence are fair and common partners in the early minutes of a launch event.

With all eyes on the stage, we can finally welcome a speaker to the stage to raucous applause. An opening monologue later, often to remind the community how much they are valued and our own journey as a rebellious tech upstart to one of the world’s fastest-growing premium tech brands, it’s finally time. Time for a new device.

Leaks or no leaks, few things can match a product unveiling in terms of excitement. Specs and speculations are confirmed, the design is revealed, and surprise features draw gasps from the crowd. It’s a shared experience like few others. When the lights come back on and a product expert walks back on stage, with an inimitable smile, the crowd roars once more.

Surprise product announcements and features often steal the headlines after a launch event, but what we remember most is you. When we look out the crowds, we’re reminded of the fact that we’d never have made it this far without you. Your feedback has not just help shape our products, it is the lifeblood of OnePlus. After the event ends, the number of users who come up to us pitch their own product solutions and ideas is enormous. And, with a Community as passionate and knowledgeable at this, there’s a lot we learn every time we talk to a OnePlus owner.

To keep the action rolling, all attendees are invited to try out the latest products for themselves at one of several experience zones. Camera tests, unboxing challenges, influencer interviews, and gaming competitions, make the experience after the curtains close almost as exciting as the keynote itself. We make sure no one leaves a OnePlus launch event without an exclusive goodie or accessory to remember the experience by.

Few things are as exciting, and nerve wracking, to us as a launch event, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to launch our products in the presence of the world’s best tech community. As we’re gearing up for the launch of an all-new OnePlus flagship, set to redefine what it means to experience ‘Fast and Smooth’ on a smartphone, we can’t wait to meet you – dear reader – at a launch event near you! Thank you for reading, thank you for believing in us, and thank you for launching with us.

Never Settle.


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