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Addition Magazine is a quarterly tech publication created by OnePlus that publishes one reader-submitted short story each issue. Short stories are later published on the website.

Submissions are closed for Addition Magazine.

We are currently closed to submissions. We will post an update on this page when we are open to new submissions. Please do not query us to ask when we will reopen. Want to be the first to know? Follow us on Twitter for all the latest information and announcements.

Note about submissions for Addition, a OnePlus Magazine – Issue 3: Thank you all for your submissions. We have received many high-quality submissions for Addition 3, which are currently under review. If you do not hear back from us within 14 days of submitting, please consider reaching out.

Fiction Guidelines

Word Limit: 1,000 – 5,000 words

Pay Rate: 8¢ USD per word.

Language: English (Translations are accepted and encouraged, but the final submission must be in English.)

Rights: Addition Magazine claims first electronic and first print rights, meaning that we have the right to publish first before a confirmed story appears in any other publication or location (physical or digital.) Addition Magazine retains 3-month exclusivity rights, after which participating writers are able to reprint their story.

Story submissions for Addition Magazine Issue 3

For Issue 3, we are specifically looking for story submissions that grapple with the theme of Rebuild. For many, 2020 has been a year of isolation and introspection. We are looking for hopeful stories that look to either our immediate or distant futures. Please note that this theme is intentionally loosely defined, leaving storytellers free to fill in the details by themselves. Story submissions can, but are in no way required to reflect on current events.

How to submit

Send your submission, PDFs only, to In order to qualify, please include the following information:

Email subject: [FICTION] Name of Author / Name of Story

Your full name
A short introduction or synopsis introducing your story
Story title
Word count

Note: If we are interested in featuring your story, you will usually receive a response within 7 days of submitting. (We may hold your submission for a longer time, if needed.)

Do’s and don’ts

Don’t query us about your submission. If you do not receive a response within 14 days of submitting, we will not be moving forward with your story.

Do double-check, triple-check, then quadruple-check your work before submitting. We’ll pretend we didn’t see one typo, we’ll groan at the second, and we’ll reject your submission outright when we see a third.

Don’t plagiarize, and make sure to properly credit contributors to your submission.

Do be respectful; avoid including obscenities and always screen your submission for offensive content.

Don’t send revisions. If we are interested in a revised version of your submission, we will let you know.

Don’t include private information and be mindful when referencing real-life individuals by name.

Do follow standard manuscript format.


Your personal information will never be shared with anyone outside the internal OnePlus staff and Addition Magazine editorial team.


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